Molly Magdalene Shephard is a contestant who appeared on both Big Brother Racism: Season Twelve and later on Big Brother Racism: All-Stars 3. In her first appearance on the show, Shephard managed to overcome the odds of losing her entire clique before the merge and make it to the final two. Known for being young, at times immature, and both her sexual antics and opinionated mouth, it was not a surprise that in the end Shephard lost by a 5-2 vote to Tijuana Bradley. In her second appearance, Shephard faced the same pressures of having her clique targetted early and often. Accused of being in a premade alliance with two former contestants, Shephard was the second person evicted from the All-Stars 3 house, following the eviction of Jeri DuBuis and right before the eviction of Marguerite Perrin. Since her appearance on the show, Shephard has been involved in various scandals, mostly involving her fellow alumuni. In a highly publicized feud with former contestant Tila Tequila, Shephard accused Tequila of lying about being abused by her ex-boyfriend. The feud led to the end of the friendship between Tequila and Shephard and, some have speculated, the beginning of Shephard's relationship with San Diego Charger's outside linebacker Shawne Merriman. Shephard herself fell victim to accusations from fellow alumni. Contestant Jeri DuBuis accused Shephard of damaging her own car in a drinking and driving accident on Twitter. Shephard herself maintained the damages were caused by DuBuis herself when DuBuis rode a bicycle into her car. Shephard is very vocal in the fan community for Big Brother Racism, perhaps most known for her outspoken nature on Twitter. It was a scandal and accusations of racism before her appearance on the show that fans have accused of being the reason producers reached out to Shephard in the first place. Producers have denied these accusations.

Shephard at the wrap party for Big Brother Racism: Season 12.